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The Stories Behind Our Memorable Menu Items at Red Circle Inn

Red Circle Inn has a storied past. If these walls could talk, you’d sure learn a thing or two about what Lake Country was like back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The legend that is Wisconsin’s Oldest Restaurant lives on today, and we’re still serving up good food with good service to a community we’ve called home for the last 175 years.

Once you taste our menu and experience firsthand the nostalgia of Red Circle Inn, you’ll understand why guests have been coming back generation after generation. Our classic dishes are a big reason for that. While the restaurant itself has a story to tell so do our menu items.

Wisconsin Meatball

If you grew up in Wisconsin, chances are you probably had a meatball at a holiday party or family get-together. We use Highland Springs Farm beef and Maple Creek Farms pork for the start of our take on the Wisconsin meatball. With local concord grapes and veal demiglace, we create a savory sauce reminiscent of those holiday parties, but with a gourmet twist. We add some black garlic breadcrumbs for some umami and texture and celery root potato puree for a phenomenal flavor combination!

Potato Croquettes

This is our take on a loaded baked potato and it’s the perfect starter. Our potato croquettes are based on a classic French potato preparation called pommes dauphine, which combines cooked potatoes with a savory cream puff dough that creates a light and fluffy potato fritter. To round out the “loaded baked potato” we pair it with crème fraiche, Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon, Hooks 7-year aged cheddar and chives.

Jo Jo’s

A long-forgotten classic that is a simple yet delish side that pairs perfectly with any entrée including the beef tenderloin, ribeye or pork chop. It’s a simple potato wedge that we double fry, so the inside is soft and the outside is crispy and seasoned with smoked paprika, malt vinegar powder, salt and white pepper. While it may be an accompaniment on our menu, it takes center stage in our hearts!

Cannibal Sandwiches

The cannibal sandwich is a badger state delicacy to many! Our version is a little different than the ground beef, raw onion and marble rye bread you may have been served while at a holiday party. We take high-quality hanger steak and dress it in a Dijon vinaigrette and pile it on a dark rye bread toasted in beef fat. The anchovy addition is inspired from the pickled herring that often sits next to the cannibal sandwiches at those holiday parties. Think of it as a Midwest surf and turf!

Don’t just take our word- try these items for yourself and book your next night out at Red Circle Inn.


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