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Pull up a chair, this

might take a while.

A lot’s happened since we opened our doors in 1848, and we’ve seen it all. Red Circle Inn’s been here since horse-drawn carriages were kicking up dirt on Watertown-Plank Road, bringing folks from Milwaukee to Lake Country. Over the years, we’ve been a stomping ground for traders, trappers, settlers, tourists, working class, high class, and just about everyone in between.


Wisconsin becomes the 30th state to join the Union

Francis Schraudenbach opens The Nashotah Inn, welcoming traders, trappers and stagecoaches heading from Milwaukee to Watertown 


The Chicago, Milwaukee, Watertown and Baraboo Valley Railroad is built through Nashotah, just footsteps from The Nashotah Inn. For many years to come, this would be known as Pine Lake Station.


After nearly two decades, Schraudenbach sells The Nashotah Inn to Isaac Smith. The Inn switches hands two more times over the next decade. Once to mason John Hill and again to Samuel Warr. 


Captain Fred Pabst buys Nashotah Inn and names it Red Circle Inn after his Pabst Brewing Co.

The Red Circle logo is a nod to the Pabst Logo with a "B" for Jacob Best, Founder of Pabst Brewing Co.


The Red Circle Inn catches fire, burning the upper two stories of the restaurant. 


Rumor has it that local firefighters braved the blaze to rescue the original Pabst bar, built in 1889. It still stands today. 


Fred Pabst sells Red Circle Inn to his former coachman-turned-Red Circle Inn-manager Steve Pulaski Sr. The Pabst family sells the restaurant to Steven and Hulda Polaski, the former household chef of the Pabst's. 

The Polaski's ran Red Circle Inn for four generations, until 1976.

1950's - 1960's

Red Circle Inn is well known for it's great steaks, chops and seafood. It was reviewed by nationally-known food critic Dunkin Hines as one of the top Road Houses in the 1950's. 


Aat Groenevelt, owner and founder of Provimi Veal, purchases the restaurant to showcase his veal products. From 1989-1993, Aat’s daughter, Renee, and her husband Mark, operate the restaurant until it is sold to Martha and Norm Eckstaedt who also owned the former Elm Grove Inn, now the Silver Spur Smokehouse in Elm Grove, WI.


Martha and Norm Eckstaedt take ownership of the restaurant, making Red Circle Inn a destination for special occasions, weddings and parties. 


They are caretakers of Red Circle Inn until 2022, when it was purchased by Geronimo Hospitality Group.

Red Circle Inn 1848
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The tradition continues at Red Circle Inn. We've got a seat for you. 

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