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Red Circle Inn’s Guide to 2024 Wedding Trends

As Wisconsin’s oldest restaurant, we’ve seen plenty of wedding trends come and go. Whether couples choose to follow the latest trends or stick to something more traditional, we love watching them infuse their celebrations with personalized touches. Allow us to guide you through our list of this year’s wedding trends and know our dedicated event coordinators are always here to help see your vision, whatever it may be, come to life.

Private Vow Readings

Many couples are opting for private vow readings where they share their heartfelt promises in an intimate setting before the ceremony. Red Circle Inn offers secluded and charming locations perfect for this tender moment. Every corner of our space can become the stage of your love story.

Creative, Over-the-top Floral

Gone are the days of dainty flower arrangements and lately, florals are taking center stage. From cascading flower arches to suspended blooms, couples are choosing the drama when it comes to their florals, and this is one trend we absolutely love. Walk down the aisle lined with flower pillars or say “I Do” under a canopy of woven petals, you can’t go wrong either way and your ceremony will be one to remember.

Champagne Towers & Ice Sculptures

Raise a glass to extravagance with champagne towers and ice sculptures, two trends making a splash this year and we don’t see that slowing down any time soon. Some couples will even switch things up and choose a different beverage or signature cocktail to incorporate into their towers, while ice sculptures add a touch of frosty enchantment to the festivities.

Long, rectangular tables over small rounds

Goodbye traditional round tables and hello to long rectangle tables- the seating arrangement of choice for many brides and grooms. This is a modern twist on seating that adds an intimate feeling to guests as they gather around sleek, elongated tables. Our versatile spaces can accommodate any seating arrangement and with our customizable menus and attentive staff, every guest will feel like family sharing in the joy of your special day.

"Every corner of our space can become the stage of your love story."

Your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story and a day that will be cherished forever. With our stunning spaces, delicious menu options and dedicated event coordinators, we’re here to bring your dream wedding to life one unforgettable moment at a time. Allow Red Circle Inn to be the backdrop of your happily ever after.


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